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Kiley Cropped Shirt in Red

Kiley Cropped Shirt in Red

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A great addition to any wardrobe. Our Kiley Cropped Shirt comes in one size only and has a loose, comfortable fit, making it ideal for everyday layering. The lightweight and slightly sheer material is perfect for casual or outdoor wear.


One Size
Bust 78cm
Length 45cm
Sleeve Length 55cm

Clothing care

- Always wash new garments separately. New items may bleed. It can take several washings before unstable dyes are washed out, and some may not bleed at first and then start bleeding after a few washes.

- Sort clothes correctly. Wash all new clothes with similar colors.

- Use cold water. (when washing colored items) It is more gentle on fabrics and will help the color last longer.

- Avoid spin-drying. It will break down the fibers of the fabric and cause the garment to shrink and age prematurely.

- Please turn apparels inside out when washing and ironing. Please iron under low heat over a folded handkerchief to prevent damage to the delicate material. Alternatively, using a steam iron is highly recommended.

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