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Smiley Beaded Bracelet

Smiley Beaded Bracelet

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♡ Handmade Series ♡
3 sizes available - 16cm, 17cm, 18cm

Enjoy a pop of color with this handmade Smiley Beaded Bracelet. Crafted with orange and silver beads, the bracelet features a silver smiley charm on a stretch band for added comfort. Add a bit of brightness to any outfit!


- Take your bracelet off before showering, swimming, or washing the dishes. The elastic cord will wear down with long exposure to water, both hot and cold. 

- Keep your stretch bracelets away from harsh cleaning chemicals, extreme temperatures, lotions, perfumes, soaps, and anything that will react with the elastic. 

- Wear your stretch bracelets the proper way. Do not overstretch. 


Small orders that contain only accessories will be sent out via Singpost Normal Mail. Please remember to check your mailbox! :)

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